The Superman Brand

After its purchase of Fleet, Bank of America was in need of an urban branding overhaul for its financial retail spaces. As retention was a top concern for Bank of America, Gilmore Group was retained to help convert the Fleet landscape, successfully retaining Fleet's customers while also attracting new ones. Effecting the transition of Fleet to Bank of America at all touch points resulted in a program including interior design, building architecture, new signage, merchandising, and ATM surrounds.

Our high-visibility design solutions were the ultimate drivers in expanding the brand in Manhattan and other urban areas in the Northeast. In one powerful launch, Gilmore Group assisted with establishing a prominent Bank of America brand within the urban landscape. The resulting impression was that there were “hundreds” of new branches, when in reality there were far fewer.

A new customer experience model was also developed that integrated high-end multimedia and an interactive service center. Online banking stations, ATM surrounds, and interactive kiosks brought a high-impact digital brand experience into the branded physical space.

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The efforts of our work culminated in the design of numerous high-profile sites as well as Bank of America’s flagship branch located within their New York City headquarters at One Bryant Park. The new flagship store offered the next-generation banking experience: high-tech, future-focused, and completely customer-centric.

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